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nbCheckstyle is an installable module for Netbeans which provides integration with Checkstyle. Checkstyle is an excellent tool for helping developers keep to a given coding standard.


nbCheckstyle features:

  • Ability to set all checkstyle configuration options.
  • Checkstyle is added to the tools menu when right clicking within the source edit window.
  • Output from Checkstyle is directed into a standard Netbeans output window.
  • Selecting an error within the Checkstyle output window will highlight the source line that the error occurred on.


24th September 2005 4.0 Release

Work has been keeping me away from this project for a long time now :( However Manuel Mall has come to the rescue and provided a Netbeans 4.1 compatable nbm. As such I've released this along with a dump of the source into cvs.
Many Thanks Manuell.

25th April 2004 3.4 Release

I've been using Eclipse for some time (team decision rather than any issue I have with NetBeans), this has meant that I've not been able to spend any time on this project for quite a while.
However Shawn Bisgrove has sent me a series of patches that should allow it to run using Checkstyle 3.4 and newer versions of Netbeans. Many thanks to Shawn and his colleagues for the update, I have had a quick test and it worked happily for me under Netbeans 3.6 so I am happy to release it.

14th September 2002 2.4.1 released

Support for Checkstyle 2.4 library.which adds many new features such as

NB Configuration now set via a file select dialogue, and changing these properties no longer requires a restart of the IDE.

13th July 2002 2.3.1 released

Support for Checkstyle 2.3 which adds many new features such as

  • Support checking to determine if an unused @throws exception is a subclass of java.lang.RuntimeException.
  • Detect instantiations of classes that should not be instantiated (e.g. java.lang.Boolean).
  • Check for line wrapping on operators.
  • Detect empty try blocks.
  • Detect empty catch blocks.
  • Detect empty finally blocks.
  • Detect to-do comments.
  • Detect use of lowercase l ("ell") in long integer literals.
  • Check for whitespace around "{" and "}".
  • Detect redundant abstract modifier in interfaces.
NB Change in configuration mechanism. To make deployment easier with a team, and to aid future upgrades, all preferences are now set by a properties file. See the Checkstyle tab in options for detail. A sample properties file is now available in the docs directory (checkstyle.properties).


Download the latest version from Sourceforge.


The full package contains an nbm module you install via the Netbeans Tools/Update Center option. Select "install manually downloaded module", add the module from the distribution file and then select install. At this time the nbm is not signed, you will therefore be warned of this during the installation process.

nbCheckstyle release follow the release numbers from the checkstyle project. i.e. nbCheckstyle releases based upon Checkstyle 2.1 will be named nbcheckstyle-2.1-xxx where xxx is the nbCheckstyle identifier.

Copyright © 2002 Paul Goulbourn. All rights Reserved.